Our Commercial Litigation practice provides services to individual and business clients involved in an array of disputes, including those in and involving the following areas:

Breach of Contract

Arbitration, Mediation & ADR

Shareholders, Partners & Business Ownership

Complex Contract Construction & Interpretation

Shareholders, Partners & Business Ownership

Construction Litigation

Mechanic's Liens

Real Estate

Silverman & Sardar has represented clients in an array of complex commercial disputes, including:

  • Business torts

  • Contract and joint venture disputes

  • ​Disputes involving fraud

  • Promissory Notes and Usurious Interest

  • Preference Actions

Commercial Leases: Our commercial-oriented services include representing landlords and tenants in the following lease transactions:

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Shopping

  • Industrial

  • Mixed Use


Residential Leases - Our residential-oriented services include representing landlords and high-net worth tenants in the following lease transactions:

  • Private Homes

  • Apartments

  • Assignments

  • Sub-Tenancies

Licensing and Use Agreements: Our leasing practice advises entities, including charitable and religious organizations and New York Corporations, on leasing, licensing and use matters.

We represent the following parties in landlord-tenant disputes:

  • Commercial Landlords

  • Commercial Tenants

  • Residential Landlords

  • Residential Tenants

Non-Payment Proceedings - generally brought by a landlord to recover unpaid rent.

Holdover Proceedings - generally brought by a landlord to evict an occupant for reasons including breach of lease and habitual non-payment of rent.   

Negotiation and settlement options, which may achieve quicker results, will be explored where appropriate.  

Our experience includes:

  • Lease Review

  • Landlord/tenant proceedings to recover and defend recovery of possession of premises

  • Counsel pertaining to rent regulation laws

Commercial Transactions: Our commercial-oriented services include representing buyers and sellers in the following property transactions:

  • Mixed Use properties

  • Retail Properties

  • Office Buildings

  • Joint Ventures

  • Land


Residential Transactions - Our residential-oriented services include representing buyers and sellers in the following property transactions:

  • Private Homes

  • Multi-Family Properties

  • Condominiums

  • Co-ops

  • Vacant Lots

Our Firm represents business and individual clients in a broad range of commercial and Consumer Matters.  


​Our firm provides counsel to businesses clients involved in an array of transactions, including matters requiring review and diligence of business materials - such as in relation to contemplated transactions.

Great care is often required prior to and in executing a contract to avoid unintentionally committing to perform or refrain from performing some act without fully understanding its present and future consequences. 

Our firm's Business Counseling and Transactions practice group can assist in this regard by reviewing current and proposed business agreements in the context of related business relationships, by discussing potential consequences of as-written provisions and by proposing changes, including alternatively worded provisions designed to increase the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.

Our Business Counseling and Transactions practice group can also prepare custom agreements to fit our prescribed criteria and business objectives. 

Our attorneys evaluate each client matter and develop and implement often-times creative solutions to advance and protect our clients’ interests. ​​

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​Our firm represents individuals and companies in bankruptcy cases commenced under Chapters 71113 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and pending before the U.S. bankruptcy courts.

Our services include representation in matters respecting:

Proofs of Claim

Avoidance Actions

Adversary Proceedings

Plans of Reorganization & Liquidation

Contested Matters

Lift Stay Motions

We also represent individuals and companies in other insolvency proceedings, such as Assignment for Benefit of Creditors cases brought under state law.   Representative Matters & Experience

Attorneys in our Bankruptcy, Financial Restructuring & Insolvency Practice evaluate each client matter and develop and implement custom and often-times creative solutions to advance and protect their interests.